Voting Urn

The first item available for purchase is the Borneo voting urn. This was the prop that all Survivor fans became accustomed to seeing in each episode as the next contestant was voted off the island. In fact, the phrase “voted off the island” owes its beginnings to this voting urn. Included with the urn are the final 7 votes that were cast during the Borneo finale, 4 for Richard and 3 for Kelly, making Richard the first ever winner of Survivor. As is customary for Survivor, local artisans were called upon to assist in the design and artwork of the urn and its craftsmanship is evident. Included are screenshots of the urn itself showing its artistic detail as well as capturing the moments from the show when each member of the jury cast their final votes for a winner. Current pictures of the urn and each of the final votes are also provided to provide validation that this is the Borneo voting urn.

Asking Price: $325,000