Survivor Sale


About The Collection

On May 31st, 2000 CBS television premiered what would go on to become the most influential show in reality television history – Survivor. Forty-three seasons later the show is still going strong and has created multiple generations of loyal fans. After airing its wildly successful second season in early 2001, Survivor – The Australian Outback, CBS began a now long-standing tradition of donating game-used props to be auctioned off with the proceeds going to charity. Many Survivor fans have been able to purchase a piece of the show’s history via those auctions which have been run by Auction Cause.

However, when the first season of Survivor wrapped up production in Borneo in 2000 there was not any anticipation of the wild success that was to come. No Borneo props were donated by CBS for an auction and many of the now iconic items such as torches and flags were not brought back from the island. Fortunately, some items did make it back to Los Angeles where they sat in a warehouse while the show’s fame and success grew. In late 2004, after Survivor’s 9th season Vanuatu – Islands of Fire, a collector of memorabilia had the good fortune of being offered the opportunity to purchase a large assortment of Survivor props that had been accumulated over the seasons to that point. The Borneo items being sold now all come from that group of props that were accumulated by people affiliated with the show.

This is a unique opportunity to own a piece of not just Survivor but television history. This piece is so iconic that the Smithsonian Institute has made inquiry as to its availability to be put on display. Few pieces of memorabilia are as instantly recognizable and represent the origin of what has now become the most successful show of its genre.

Asking Price: $500,000+